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Whats up guys and gals! This is A.D.D. Productions AKA the best thing since sliced film. We’re young, hip, and exciting. We don’t just understand modern media, we live, breathe and eat it. And you know what? It tastes good. Crazy deadlines? Tight budgets? Been there, done that!  We satisfy deadline cravings and redefine budgets without ever skimping on quality. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Modern media should be fast, effective and high quality. That’s what A.D.D. does best. Whether you are looking to promote your brand with a viral video or train employees with a new instructional video, A.D.D. has got you covered. But hey, talk is cheap and reading is so passe! So stop reading and start poking around the site. Check out some of the awesome work going on at the A.D.D. Production house. You might just be blown away.