Bad Veins Rising Tide – Band Promotional Video

Bad Veins
We had so much more incredible interview footage that we were not able to fit into this video but these are the highlights. Bad Veins is an amazing band from my hometown of Cincinnati Ohio. I met these guys when they were playing in a tiny venue and now they are rocking huge stages around the world! I’m so proud of their success and wanted to share it with the world. They’re inspiring individuals whom have swum through a sea of naysayers only to arise triumphantly. They are living proof that you can follow your dreams.

The song in the video is from their early EP and it is called Gold and Warm. Their music, including their debut album, can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and in record stores, just search “Bad Veins”

Ruby – Clinique Happy Commercial

“Clinique asked 9 up-and-coming filmmakers to explore the question: What Makes You Happy? Here’s what Dan Foley says about his video: “This was a no-brainer. When I read the question, what is happy to you? I immediately thought of my baby girl Ruby. For my wife and I, her existence has always been the definition of happy. I knew that I wanted a bright and warm feel so we shot the spot at three different parks in the area. It must have been 80 degrees that day, and the heat was killing me, but Ruby kept smiling and keeping us going. After a long day the sun was starting to go down and the heat was getting to us but I knew that I wanted to get at least one more shot of Ruby playing with the bottle. So we found a shady area and sat her down and before we could even show her what to do she reached in the purse, pulled out the Clinique bottle and hugged it. Luckily I had the camera rolling because it proved to be the best shot.”